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Welcome to Northland Dental!
As Pittsburgh’s premier practice for implant surgery, we offer the highest quality of dental medicine and boast both the latest and greatest technology and a host of amenities and comforts for all patients. Call Us Now! (412)367-7400


Dr. Corsello

Dr. Corsello is one of the leading experts in implant dentistry in the Pittsburgh area, and has been offering patients the highest quality of service for 25 years.

Comfort Care

We don’t just offer outstanding services. Our amenities are second to none, and we make sure every patient enjoys a relaxed, accommodating atmosphere.


If you have any questions or concerns about your dental health, we’re here to help. Find your answers here, submit a question or give us a call!

Amanda Gomez
Amanda Gomez

As the newest addition to our Northland Dental Medicine family, Amanda is eager to contribute, and boasts considerable expertise in the field of dental assistance...

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Maria Corsello
Maria Corsello

Maria is responsible for keeping all our communication channels open. She concentrates on scheduling and coordinating patient appointments and surgery services, including anesthesia, emergency and after hours requests, and more. Both knowledgeable and friendly, Maria is organized and helpful, and is one of our most important resources. In her time off, she enjoys pilates yoga, spending time with her dog, Coco, shopping, or eating anything with chocolate. Thanks to Maria, we’re always running on schedule at Northland Dental Medicine.

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Michael E. Corsello, D.M.D., FICOI

Dr. Michael E. Corsello is a locally educated, nationally respected doctor of dental medicine. After receiving his DMD from the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Corsello earned his post-doctoral certificate as a fellow from the American Dental Implant Association. Founding his own practice, Northland Dental Medicine, Dr. Corsello quickly established himself as one of Pittsburgh’s most trusted local doctors.

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  • Dr. Corsello and Staff, Thank you very much for all the work and comfort that you have provided, by installing my dental implant. I don’t think I know anyone that gets excited about having dental work done, let alone dental surgery to implant a new tooth. Leading up to getting started on the implant, it was a little scary to me, thinking about the work involved, especially the work on the jaw. When it came time for my appointment, my fears were quickly dispelled, because the procedure was not bad at all, and painless. I think the worst part was the waiting period, having the patience to allow things to heal after the first procedure, so that the new tooth could be installed. Now that the tooth is installed, it feels like any other tooth, like it’s been there all along. I have no problem eating anything that I want to again. Thanks for everything that you do! George M

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