Microfil Veneers

Northland Dental Medicine offers patients a wide range of cosmetic treatments aimed at creating bright and beautiful smiles. For those seeking a discomfort-free and affordable way to remedy discoloration and fix unsightly cracking, deformities, and crooked teeth, instant veneers are just one such treatment.
Typical veneer treatments usually entail multiple visits, and involve exorbitant fees that may not be covered by insurance. Conversely, instant veneers can be applied at less than half the cost, without the lengthy wait times associated with laboratory fabricated veneers. This makes them a great option for any patient who desires cosmetic dentistry and to top it off, less cost.

Why Microfil Veneers?

Microfil veneers are quite different from other veneer treatments thanks to their construction. Using a new nano-composite material, these veneers can easily be matched to a variety of patient concerns. Because our instant veneer process is so conservative there is no need for the often uncomfortable process of removing damaged tooth structures or just minor recontouring with no anesthetics needed While the overall process is much less involved, the results are truly staggering. Instant veneers can have a dramatic effect on one’s appearance, ably addressing a number of serious cosmetic dental issues.

What Does the Process Entail?

The first step is to receiving instant veneers involves scheduling an appointment to determine whether you are a good candidate. Once this has been established, the rest of the procedure is rather simple. With little preparation required, instant veneers are chemically bonded using a process that attaches the material to any teeth in need of repair. Bonding typically involves minimal discomfort, as it is one of the least-invasive cosmetic treatments available. This means no need for anesthetic, temporary placements, or return visits.

What Are the Benefits of Instant Veneers?

Instant veneers are a great option for patients looking to improve their smile without anesthetics (novacaine) in a single appointment and to top it off, less expense than laboratory veneers. Unlike other procedures, instant veneers entail little to no discomfort are the absolute best cosmetic option and are less than half the cost. In addition instant veneers are also long-lasting. In most cases, veneers will last 10 years and if cracking or chipping should occur, veneers can be easily repaired. Northland Dental Medicine even offers a 5-year remake guarantee for further assurance.

Those in search of a reliable cosmetic dental services have found their match in Dr. Corsello. Call today and schedule a consultation to see if you would be a good candidate for instant veneers. With this easy process, just about every patient can increase the beauty of their smile.