Facing a case of failed dentition? Restore your smile to an earlier time when eating was a pleasure, speaking was easy and smiling was natural and often. SnapTite Dentures have no acrylic covering the roof of your mouth and are an easy, affordable and permanent option for those looking to build a brand new smile. With a simple ‘snap’ function, the dentures lock into place, and remain steady and sturdy even while you sleep. When you’re ready to take the SnapTites out, simply pop them out, and voila!

The Benefits of SnapTite

For twenty over 25 years, SnapTite dentures have been one of the leading options in permanent teeth replacement systems. Easy to care for and reliable, SnapTite Dentures will provide a beautiful and realistic smile with longevity to spare. Don’t fumble with other denture options that fit poorly or fall apart. Trust in our SnapTite Dentures and find your perfect smile.

But SnapTite Dentures aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They’re also more functional and durable than traditional dentures, and act as effectively as real teeth in every way that matters. In fact, after a few hours in SnapTite’s Dentures, you might swear they are your own natural teeth.

Smile Like You Mean It

SnapTite Dentures are stabilized and firmly anchored by the latest Dental Implant technology. They may be permanently affixed or fitted with the amazing snap in/out feature. Either way assures that your new teeth and smile are secure. The precision snap in/out option allows you, the patient, to gain easy access for simple cleaning of the implant tissue/interface while the permanent screw fixated option suits those patients who prefer a non-removable replacement. As one of the highest quality teeth replacement options on the market, SnapTite wants all customers to enjoy a brighter, more confident smile and a better quality of life.

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