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It’s really not a viral problem. It’s a nutritional/health issue!

Make good diet choices - build immunity

As health diminishes so does our immune response. Now that preliminary numbers are out, we reaffirm this simple fact. Younger and/or healthier individuals exhibit a stronger immune response and lower mortality from not only coronavirus but a host of other health assassins. What does this tell you? Healthy individuals are able to ward off completely or minimize this virus while unhealthy individuals cannot. The virus is not the determining factor. We’re actually dealing with a poor health issue more than a microbiologic pandemic. Unhealthy individuals are vulnerable not only to the latest microbiological assassin, but a host of other illnesses including heart disease, arthritis, diabetes etc.

High risk:

· 75 years of age and up

· Generally unhealthy individuals

· Immunosuppressed individuals

· Smokers

· Lung cancer survivors

· Poor nutrition

You cannot expect to be able to resist common ailments let alone the COVID-19 flu without a healthy immune system. Diet is your best resource to achieve this. Your body has an amazing reparative capability, but it needs the tools to do so. Poor dietary choices subject us to toxic pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and lack of quality nutrients. Eat organic as much as possible and get your nutrients naturally from a variety of food sources. Supplemental immune system boosters include, vitamins A,C, D, E and Zinc, oh and throw in some Turmeric (with pepper for enhanced absorption also).

As your dentist my area of expertise is oral health which is intimately related to systemic health. Periodontal disease and dental infections cause sepsis, an active blood infection which has a high probability of lowering immune response, at the same time infecting vital organs. So be sure to keep the turtleneck around each tooth clean by the methods Courtney and I have drummed into you over the years.

Now is a perfect time to commit to excellent diets, moderate exercise and quitting tobacco and other nasty vices. We all look forward to seeing you again soon but even healthier and stronger.


Michael Corsello DMD, FICOI

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